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If the answer’s no, you need HR support.

Yours isn’t a conventional, office-based business. Neither are my services. I bring HR support to your workplace, wherever you are from Salons and Stables to Pubs and Plumbing Centres. If you employ a team, you need to invest in HR support.

HR support for small independent businesses, like yours, that don’t have time or resource for internal HR. There’s a reason it’s called ‘Human Resources’, because regardless of where we work, as ‘humans’ we all experience the same issues: punctuality, performance, sickness, pregnancy, holidays. And we all need support from time to time.

Conflict in the workplace is costly for independent businesses. It can cost you customers as well as colleagues. Resolve disputes quickly before they impact your income.

Maybe you’re frightened of managing an employee issue in case you do something wrong. Employment law changes regularly and it can be time consuming to read through – let me keep up to date so you don’t have to.

You’ve worked hard to build your business. Protect it with outsourced HR, tailored to your industry that adds value when you need it most. And that gives you time to focus on your core day to day.

You don’t need to work in an office to need HR. Just because your business operates differently, doesn’t mean you don’t experience the same HR issues. Maybe you have employees who:

Aren’t performing

Won’t pass probation

Are constantly off sick

Need flexible working hours

Need to go on maternity leave

If so, you need support from an experienced HR consultant. One that’s flexible, specialises in companies with under 50 employees and there when you need them.


Think of me as an extra member of your team. One that understands your business as well as the HR processes that will benefit both you and your employees. I’m only ever a phone call away ready to help you resolve your people problems. I work remotely, and won’t take up any valuable space, but when you need me – I’ll be there.

I’m the HR expert who can solve your problems confidentially, legally and compliantly. You can rely on me to help you avoid expensive employment tribunals and losing good team members. No two employees are the same. They’re as unique as your business. And that’s why my consultancy services are tailored personally to you, to offer a realistic and commercial approach to every employment situation. I’m here to save you time and money but also to give you and your teams confidence that you’re supported and looked after.

I’ve got your back and can support you when you need it most.


HR software specifically designed for small and medium sized businesses. Breathe allows you to centralise all of your staff information in a simple to use HR system.  


You can have access to unlimited documentation, advice and guidance, which ensures you keep up to date and have a constant HR presence for your business.


People like you, successful business owners with less than 50 employees. I work with a variety of growing businesses, like yours, that value their time. After all, time is money and you’d rather not spend it bogged down in employment issues – that’s where I come in.  I have a wide range clients including Farms, Shops, Pubs, Beauty Salons, Hairdressers, Horse Riding Stables, Wholesalers, Engineering, Glazing, Construction and Logistics.  After all HR is for everyone…. not just those in an office environment.


Bryan and Dawn are the Managing Directors of Longdown Activity Farm – a popular family-run farm based in Ashurst who I am sure you have all heard of! They say ‘We signed up to the remote monthly support package during the Covid-19 pandemic as Louise had been keeping us fully informed of updates with regards to the ever-changing situation and provided us with advice as we needed it – even though we hadn’t yet signed up to a support package.  Louise has continued to provide advice on day to day matters since.  We feel hugely reassured that we can contact Louise when we need to and she provides timely and helpful advice.’


Laura is the Managing Director of Skincare Inc Ltd, a local beauty salon who came to me wanting some HR advice and new contracts for her team.  She says ‘I signed up to the remote monthly support package and soon had contracts issued along with policies, plus regular HR advice when I need it. I also signed up to the HR software so that I could move our employee files online.  This makes my life so much easier for things such as holiday requests for such a small fee per month.  Being able to contact Louise when I need to has literally taken a weight off my shoulders, given me peace of mind and literally enabled me to sleep better at night!’

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