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I’m Louise Dale, owner of Waterside HR and an all round down to earth person.  I am also a wife and mum to two daughters who I work around.  You will more than likely find us at a local beach with our 1972 VW campervan in our spare time – which sometimes doubles up as my mobile office when I’m at the waterside.

My mission is to make your life as a business owner easier. I’ll act as your confidential ‘phone a friend’ when you need it for a fixed fee every month that gives you peace of mind.  With over 15 years’ experience in HR, I’ve seen many things and little now surprises me. So, throw what you need at me and I’ll help you resolve problems in the interests of you and your business. And I won’t keep you long. I pride myself on efficient customer service, I know your time is precious.

I hope you find what you need here on my website. If you like what you see then why not book a free, no-obligation chat?

Who I am

I am a professional HR Consultant with over 6 years’ experience in consultancy supporting businesses like yours. Independent successful companies that don’t operate from a traditional office, work 9-5 or have internal HR teams.

Your business is your baby, you’ve nurtured it and helped it grow. And you want to see it thrive. You need a personalised, realistic and commercial approach to your employment management. One that gives you options, flexibility and honestly so you can assess the risks and decide the best course of action. With me you get the expertise of a HR manager without the cost of a full-time salary.

I specialise in companies with under 50 employees and will provide you with simple and pragmatic advice that’s on time and on budget. Employee relations is my expertise, I’m here to help you stay legally compliant and manage day to day issues with ease, such as:

absence management

discipline and grievances

performance management

HR paperwork

processes and policies

HR software

An option of adding of employment law protection insurance to protect your business from costs of claims

Regardless of where you spend your working day–I’ll be at your side.

Who I’m not

A consultant who doesn’t understand the way you work. Wherever your workplace is, I take the time to understand every aspect of it so I can help you with all your HR needs. And it is just me. I’m not a large consultancy with lots of staff, I prefer the personal touch. When you call, I’ll be the one that answers (with the exception of holidays which will be covered by an associate HR consultant).

I’m not a strategic HR consultant. If you’re looking for a strategist to align your vision, goals and values or evaluate your team’s capacity, develop their capabilities or offer training then I’m not the right consultant for you. But if you want to grow your business and develop your strategy, I’ll be happy to recommend a consultant who can help you.


Running a successful business like yours takes dedication. You’ve excelled because your industry is your specialism. You know your job inside out. But one small employment issue can consume hours of your day as well as your budget.

Investing in outsourced HR can Help your Revenue. While you spend your time focussed on growing your business, I’ll be there to resolve any employment issues, often long before they become an issue. Outsourcing your HR reduces the stress of employing an internal HR team but it also means you’ll have:

HR expertise at the end of a phone

a professional HR team member without the salary overheads

improved compliance

time to focus on your core business

reduced employee turnover as a result of efficient processes

confidence that you're doing the best for your business and employees

peace of mind

the option of employment protection insurance to protect you from the cost of any employment claims


HR software specifically designed for small and medium sized businesses. Breathe allows you to centralise all of your staff information in a simple to use HR system.  


You can have access to unlimited documentation, advice and guidance, which ensures you keep up to date and have a constant HR presence for your business.

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