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Temporary change in sickness self-certification rules

Employees can normally self-certify sickness absence for the first 7 calendar days of their absence.  However, an amendment has been made to the Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) Regulations which will allow employees to self-certificate for up to 28 days until 26 January 2022.

This will apply to any employees who have been absent from 10 December 2021 up to and including absences which begin on or before 26 January 2022.  It will then revert to 7 calendar days for absences beginning on or after 27 January 2022.

Why has this changed temporarily?

The change has been made to free up GP capacity to focus on the Government’s priorities for the NHS of delivering the Coronavirus booster programme and emergency care.  GP’s will still be expected to provide fit notes for periods of absence exceeding 28 calendar days.

What does this mean?

Your employees will be able to be off sick without a GP fit note if their absence falls within the timeframes stated above.  For absences beginning on or after 27 January 2022, they will need to provide a GP fit note from day 8 of their absence as before.

 Further Guidance

The updated guidance can be found HERE